Dr. Yogen Singh

              MBBS, MD, DCH, FRCPCH
Consultant in Paediatric Cardiology and Neonatology

Consultant Neonatologist & Expertise in Paediatric Cardiology

Addenbrooke's / Cambridge University Hospitals, UK

Paediatric Cardiology Clinics in Cambridge

    Addenbrooke's Hopsital: 
Tuesday & Wednesday

Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital:
Wednesday evening
(or by appointment)

To book an appointment please contact:

Outpatient Booking Office at
Spire Cambridge: 01223 266900
Private secretary
Telephone: 01223 217985

E-mail: Karen.Dodge@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

I am a full time NHS consultant in Paediatric Cardiology and Neonatology at Addenbrooke's hospital. I have been working with children and their families for more than 18 years.

I see around 1,000 echocardiograms each year on children with suspected or confirmed heart problems in children.

I see children up to 16-18 years of age with any cardiac concerns such as heart murmur, chest pain, palpitation / racing heart beat, and provide cardiac assessment for children with syncope and tiredness.

I also provide screening echocardiography and consultation for children with family history of congenital heart disease or other cardiac concerns.
Echo information for parents
Echocardiography is simply an ultrasound of heart which helps in visualising the heart in real time. It's a test similar to the ultrasound done during pregnancy, and I often describe it to children as a 'special camera to look on pictures of heart'. Echo facts for children:
  • Gold standard investigation to diagnose heart defects
  • Echo performed and reported by myself on the same day with consultation - 'One Stop Clinic for Heart Murmur'
  • Safe, simple and non-invasive / not painful
  • Involves putting jelly on the skin to get images of the heart
  • No need of sedation or any medication

Many parents find it useful to get the echocardiography screening to rule out heart defects in children if there is a family history or any other concern.
Our Philosphy
I work in Addenbrooke's hospital and fully believe in Cambridge philosphy in providing clinical care which is:
Together - Safe, Excellent and Kind

Family centered care provided in partnership with children and their parents.

Timely services with no waiting list - aim to see children in the same week;
Otherwise definitely seen within 2 weeks of accepting the patient.

Excellent communication - letters sent within one week of appointment.

Patient feedback
How likely would you recommend this doctor to to friends or family members for care or treatment? (extremely likely or likely)
Overall experience meeting patient's expectations (agree or strongly agree)
Professionalism (outstanding or good)
Doctor performance (Polite, knowledge, time to explain, patient involvement in decision making (outstanding or good)
Communication (outstanding or good)
What parents say about the care provided by Dr Singh?
  • Dr Singh has been excellent – very clear, warm, and reassuring. Has gone out of his way to provide information and reassurance, with regular consultation.
  • Dr Singh is knowledgeable, patient, explains clearly, and is considerate to the needs of the family.
  • Dr Yogen is a very good specialist, very attentive.
  • Dr Singh was always very caring and responded to all questions and concerns we’ve had.
  • Dr Singh has always been very nice to us and explained things to us in a way we understand.
  • Patient, took time to explain things.
  • Thanks very much for superb care of my daughter - excellent service
  • Very clear explanations and good manner. Very reassuring.
  • Very well explained, thorough care, friendly, treated as an individual, not rush. Listened well and put my mind at ease.
  • Dr Singh reassured my 3 weeks old baby during the US scan. He was very polite and explained things very well to me and my
    husband. Staff in the outpatients clinic were very kind and helpful.